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Analyze your complex business data accrued since inception with our experts to develop ingenious ways of performance.

We support organizations to mine and derive value out of voluminous amounts of data collected from websites, mobile apps, and connected devices. Partner with us to explore possible big data opportunities to help you develop data-driven and intelligent strategies, create successful marketing campaigns, and make data-backed business decisions. Ready to explore fresh growth opportunities with big data? #bethenext

Game-changing insights to drive outcomes

Reimagine what big data intelligence could do for your business.

Interactive BI dashboard
Real-time processing
Real time event monitoring
Data integrations
Live interaction
Data-driven decision
Predictive analysis

Our core big data intelligence services

Achieve agility, focus on useful insights, and win competitive edge.

Big Data and NoSQL

We empower your business to capture and process big data using NoSQL systems and derive operational intelligence. We enable you to converge raw data on SMAC into useful business information at a faster rate in real-time.

Real-time Data Streaming

Processing big volumes of data at a faster rate from a huge customer base (video, dedicated channels, or any device) to extract insights and trends in real-time

Real-time Tracking and Monitoring

Gaining quick insights into your organization’s data to perform key actions such as internal alerts, monitor user presence, corrective actions, and detect frauds

Voluminous Data Processing and Reporting in Real-time

Making quick and instant decisions through organized BI content and interactive dashboards by capturing, processing, and responding to continuously streaming data

Business Intelligence

We leverage the best BI tools to utilize your data for strategic business decisions. Our

BI services

include data integration, transformation, analysis, visualization, and reporting tools that enhance your business capabilities by effectively comprehending complex datasets and producing valuable business insights.

Interactive BI Dashboard

Transforming complex current and historical datasets into compelling visualizations to get useful insights, spot trends, and track performances

Access reports Anytime, Anywhere

Syncing of data across devices (from tablet to smartphone) in real time facilitating collaborative work ecosystem

Identify New Business Opportunities

Understanding hidden data patterns to improve product/service experience and enhance customer satisfaction

Customizable Reporting

Leveraging easy to use, customizable dashboards and automated reporting to monitor and analyze business performances, maintain a single source of truth, and always have access to latest insights

Faster Decisions

Enabling faster business decisions by sharing data in real time and delivering best end user experience

AI and Data Mining

We implement machine learning techniques for data mining processes such as selection of application data, preprocessing of data, extracting information, interpreting and evaluating data to make business decisions.

Predictive Analysis and Accurate Data Forecasting

Implementing statistical and analytical techniques to segment customers, assess business risks, prevent customer churn, forecast sales, analyze market, make futuristic strategies, and efficiently representing business portfolio


Personalizing visitors’ experience to strengthen engagement, increase brand loyalty while gaining higher profits, increase return visitors, and achieve higher conversion rates

Data Warehousing

We evaluate your current organization’s architecture, understand the data complexity from varied resources, offer concrete and central warehouse design and architecture that is scalable and accurate.

Data Profiling and Management

Extracting information from the existing data resources

Data Aggregation

Collecting data from all possible resources in a virtual database for concrete evaluation

Data Acquisition and Extraction

Retrieving data from all sources for making informed decisions

Raw Data Transformation

Converting the data into meaningful information for business value

Data Mart

Building data marts aligned as per specific work groups, business departments and functions

Database Engineering and Performance Management

Our comprehensive

data engineering solutions

are reliable as it deliver businesses a single view of data, visibility on data performance, capture trails, discover structured and unstructured patterns, and optimize storage.

Database Partitioning

Splitting data for better utilization, easy management, enhancing scalability, availability and making the application function better and faster

Database Sharding and Replication

Rendering high data availability with scalable partitioning strategy to enhance performance of the database

Query Optimization

Optimizing complex queries to improve performance of the application

Database Monitoring

Implementing the right tools for monitoring the response time, load issues, spikes, locking, and other related performance problems